Church = Satan, Get OUT OF MY FACE

You walk around, worshiping Jesus Christ with your crucifix around your neck and an edited Bible under your arm, going to church on Easter not realizing how big of a joke the devil has pulled on you.

“Jesus Christ” is Latin, the language of the Romans, the people who killed Joshua of Nazareth 2000 years ago. Easter is a pagan goddess of fertility, hence the rabbits and eggs. Christmas was chosen to overlap and coincide with the pagan solstice festivals. Christ means anointed one, not messiah. Solomon and David were also anointed ones. It means you are to be or are a king, nothing more. Joshua was not killed by the Jews. He was killed by Judas (actually, Judah or Yehuda) and the Romans. Hence, he was killed by one of the first 12 Christians, and the people who run the Church.

Your religion is the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan deciding which of Martin Luther King’s teachings you should pay attention to, and making you wear a pendant around your neck of his half-blown off head.

Rome’s way was to steal things from the nations and cultures it conquered, so that people still felt a part of the new society. The new post-Messianic Judaism was a threat to Roman power, so it abandoned its stolen Greek idols in favor of the symbols of Joshua’s followers. They then whittled down the gospels to a manageable 4 that agreed with their new agenda, and edited those down to avoid different interpretations.

The practice of adapting and stealing traits to the societies it devours was passed along to its missionaries as Rome slowly stopped being a literal empire and evolved into an empire of the mind, as it continues to enslave most of the modern world in the form of the Roman Catholic Church, and its Unholy Roman Emperor, the Pope, the newest being a former member of the Hitler Youth program.

If you’re going to worship the Invisible Sky Bully in any of Its forms, and you intend on being a follower of Joshua, go be a Messianic Jew, and while you’re at it, read the Gnostic gospels like the Gospel of Mary the Magdalene or, hell, Joshua’s first hand account. Anything else is the worst kind of blasphemy–the kind that pretends it’s the true worship, and relies on your laziness to keep up its charade. Like “patriotism” that takes away freedoms while screaming of liberty.