A Few Reactions to Some News

Those assholes finally did it. They’re getting me to watch Smallville again. Not only is Zod going to be showing up in the flesh, and played by an actor I love, Callum Blue (the English guy from Dead Like Me), but there’s a rumor that Tom Welling will finally be donning the goddamn suit next season, and they’ve been talking to Michael Rosenbaum’s agent, so we may in fact be getting Lex back as well. If they do all these things it means they think it’s the last season, but if they do all these things, who gives a shit? I might be in it for the long haul again. Fuckers.

I have got to start watching more Eureka. The show’s frikkin golden everytime I watch it. It’s one of those USA/Syfy level series (i.e. Monk, Psych, Burn Notice) that’s like a warm Winnie the Pooh blanket. Maybe it’s not that awesome for the freezing nights or the hot summer ones, but it’s perfect for a cool autumn evening when you’re curled up, enjoying a cocoa because you’ve got a chest cold. Comfort food.
WTF is Stargate doing? When I look at the new trailers for SG: Universe, I don’t know what to think. The cinematography is more kinetic, more epic, darker. The series itself seems more dangerous and realistic. All in all, it’s the first Stargate I’ve been truly interested in — but they’re just stealing a bunch of the Battlestar tropes and shoving them into a Stargate show. We know the show won’t be serialized that way, and even if they kill a bunch of people right off, it kind of has to stop there — they’ve got a limited number of cast members. In essence this will be old school SG cosplaying as Battlestar. I think I’ll be calling it BSG-1.
If Megan Fox keeps doing weird, low-budget horror movies now that she’s rode the corporate Bay train into stardom, I might end up liking her. Jennifer’s Body, which as far as I can tell from early previews is going to be awesome as long as you don’t have some weird, knee-jerk reaction to Diablo Cody dialogue. I actually am the exact opposite of that, and to be honest, we all know it belonged in this type of movie to begin with. Reitman directed it in a more indie hipster way and made Juno what it was, but Diablo was always trying to do the Kevin Smith/John Hughes thing. Then Jonah Hex, which is apparently a Spaghetti Western with monsters shot with the kinetic insanity of a Sam Raimi film. Fuck yeah! So, if this is Fox’s actual taste in films, and she keeps cursing in every fucking interview she does while also showing the proper amount of jaded when talking about Transformers, I will become a fan. Fuck you all for judging me.