Trendkilling: How All Mass Murderers Are the Same

Been talking about this with a friend for a few months, but have been reticent to say anything. We’ve had a myriad of mass shootings in the past couple of years, and whenever one takes place, the press and thus everyone gets distracted by either their own political agenda or the alleged agenda of the killer: girls rejected them, abortion is murder, Daesh allegiance, mommy didn’t love him, Black Lives Matter. None of it makes sense, however. We’ve got a single epidemic with a thousand causes? Doesn’t seem likely. If we want to solve this problem, we need to search for commonalities, links, and shared causes rather than using each individual tragedy as an excuse to spout off about one subject or another.

At the end of the day, these are all just flashy suicides. The pet cause each killer trumpets and their targets can be found somewhere to the right of your Facebook Timeline in the bar marked “Trending.”

Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killer who arguably made what I’m going to call “Trendkilling” trendy, wasn’t bullied. He was charismatic and well-liked (though not deeply, because no one knew him), just like every psychopath. He only claimed to be bullied because he knew the hysteria it would cause after his death. He knew it would get us to become bullies to the bullied because we’d see them all as potential killers. The shooter who claimed he was mad at women for rejecting him killed more men than women and was not a member of any Men’s Rights association as was claimed. The one who attacked a black church while wearing a swastika was, just a month prior (just long enough to be around when he started planning his elaborate death), a regular attendant at the church and friend to his black fellow parishioners. The BLM sniper, through shooting police in a county that had famously reformed their police department and lowered brutality, likewise accomplished the opposite of helping the movement he claimed. At this point, every mass killer has to know that the result of their attack will be a loss of sympathy for whatever cause they claim and an increase in mayhem. We must conclude, then, that this is the true goal.

That Trending Bar, those things we obsess over or yell at one another about all day, is a great blueprint for planning an attack. It guarantees headlines and lengthy arguments. Particularly if you design your attack not to make sense, like claiming an underdog movement as you commit an atrocity designed to erode sympathy for that movement. The cognitive dissonance ensures all sides of the discussion to follow will be defensive and confused in equal measure.

Violent psychopaths and sociopaths, both homicidal and suicidal (often all in one), all have one thing in common: they can’t connect. By definition, they lack the social skills for deep friendships and the basic empathy we take for granted that allows us to see ourselves in others all day. Absent of it is a lonely place to exist. Just because you can’t connect doesn’t mean you don’t want to. The inability may drive one to suicide one week, but homicide the next as one oscillates between hating oneself and envying those who possess and take for granted what for them must seem a superpower. Now, let someone going through this see that headline and experience the fallout of a trending tragedy around them — look, everyone’s talking about the killer, not just his name, but his deeds. He matters. The whole world cares that he existed, even if only for one shining moment. Subconsciously, this has to be a motivating factor. Why go out when you can go out with a bang? Why die apart from everyone, the same as yesterday, when you can make a connection in the only way you know how right before? When you know they’ll be talking about you for weeks to come?

In the past, the way to make headlines and manufacture connections when one didn’t possess empathy or the basic human tools to connect was to be a serial killer. Like any addiction, it starts with one small death to feel power in a world you feel apart from and powerless in, moving up the food chain and toward ritualization. All, though, really in service of the headline. Of mattering. Of connecting with thousands all at once, and then ending your miserable existence. It only makes sense in the Social Media age that killing one person at a time wouldn’t be enough to properly connect anymore. You have to reach hundreds in one second and die instantly thereafter.

The adage “Don’t feed the trolls” comes to mind. What are trolls but the comments section’s minor sociopaths? Gaining power from our frustration, and mania with our indifference. The only way to stem the tide of mass killings then is to stop reporting them, something unlikely to happen. Ubiquity normalizes behavior, no matter how condemned. Articles featuring details, not just the names of the killers, but their deeds, fuel the perception that these acts are a viable solution to their problem. But we cannot ignore the deaths of large numbers of victims to help prevent the next one. Silence isn’t a message that can be sent. What then?

The only thing I have to offer is this: stop letting the killers dictate the discussion. They aren’t doing it because they’re MRA or BLM or IS or Pro-life or Goth or unpopular. They’re doing it because they want to kill and they want to die. They want those things because they’re sick and alone and disconnected from humanity (an increasing condition due to the internet, just as Industrialization did at the turn of last Century). So maybe say, “Another sad loner, estranged by the common disconnect experienced by human beings during a paradigm shift, committed suicide via terrorism today,” rather than feeding into the ideological misdirection or making anyone famous. Maybe notice that as the false, addictively unsatisfactory, corn syrup saccharine of social media rose, so did the amount of disconnect. As the disconnect rises, so do Trendkillings. And a Trendkilling is just a flashy suicide.

The National Rebrand

A new Guardian article came out wherein Charles Koch compares Donald Trump’s statements on Mexicans to Nazi Germany. This is the epitome of irony. This is also not the first statement they’ve made that indicates a drift to the Left. Note the smiling photographs. The Kochs are in the process of a rebrand. Go ahead and read the article at that last link. I’ll wait. It’s important.

The Kochs’ fortune comes from Nazi and fascist Italian money. Their father built refineries that enabled the Nazi war machine and Mussolini’s empire. It wasn’t Mussolini who kept the trains running on time; it was American corporations. The Kochs’ nanny, who raised them, was herself a Nazi so enthused by the invasion of Poland that she moved back home to watch. She made them go to the bathroom on a strict schedule and fed them laxatives if they didn’t. These are established, researchable facts. If they’re calling Drumpf a Nazi, it’s because they’re rebranding and because Drumpf is taking their carefully cultivated base from them. Notice the simultaneous but more subtle changes happening at Fox News as well.

Meanwhile, they are backing Hillary Clinton — a Goldwater girl, Kissinger warmonger, and center-right Democrat who only looks left when compared to a Drumpf. Considering he was one of her contributors before, and the fact that the Koch Brothers literally have a cabal of the richest, most influential people in the world making decisions about world policy and we don’t talk about it because we’re too busy making up that those things happen, and it starts to look like a long form plan. Some might think me paranoid — but corporate interests and marketing firms do this kind of research, how to manipulate people, all the time. Not to mention they are only one generation removed from Nazis, who definitely researched it. There is a pattern of willingness on their part to act on it, as well.

So let’s not kid ourselves. The Democrats are the next target for manipulation. Another political party shift is about to occur. As the Kochs rebrand, so do the parties. Notice the Republican pundits suddenly growing reasonable. Democrats will slowly become what they were before Civil Rights, and you won’t even notice you’ve become a conservative as you naysayed Bernie supporters for their idealism and actual Democratic desires. To say nothing of the actual Left, in the Green Party.

Fuck Off America

I fucking hate you. You know who you are, you pig-headed, fascist, money-worshipping idiot. You are insecure in your opinions because you are intelligent enough to know that you haven’t really thought them out before forming them. In fact, they were handed to you on a silver platter by authority figures who you choose to willingly believe in while willfully ignoring their obvious fallibility. But what do you do with what little knowledge you have accidentally gleaned (that your opinions may be worth less than the brain cells they’re printed on)? Do you go out, seek more knowledge, facts, ideas? Do you cultivate an intellect, so as to adequately defend your stances? No, that would be too hard. Or, alternatively, that would threaten your opinion. You might run into contradictory information. You might find out you’re wrong. Sky Bully-fucking-forbid. Well, I hope you accidentally stumbled here, bitch, and I hope you don’t have your earmuffs on, cuz daddy’s done bullshitting. Open up your brain hole for a steaming pile of organic thought, fuckers:

Gay marriage is not happening in a church. No Catholic, Jewish, Scientologist, Mormon, Muslim, or Buddhist dens of mass-opium are letting Tom marry Dick within their walls right now, and certainly not the ones of your religion, oh Twice Born Christian. All gay people are arguing for is the right to call their unions a “marriage” on legal documents, so that they get the same tax breaks you do. Exclamation point. No one’s going to make you marry your best friend Jim, and gay marriages won’t suddenly “count” in the Catholic Church, since we separated all that a long time ago. I understand, you guys didn’t get the memo. It explains a lot about how you’ve been voting for presidents.

If we have socialized healthcare, the private hospitals will not be shut down and outlawed, dickhead. To be sure, some will go out of business, because we won’t need so fucking many private ones when we’ve got government sponsored ones. Most likely though, all the doctors and staff and buildings will go to use, because the buildings for hospitals that aren’t private will convert to federal ones. The only companies really suffering under this would be the insurance companies — you know, the ones screwing over all of us except the politicians that tell you what you think. No, those politicians (Republican and Democrat alike) are being paid a lot of money to tell you, “like, socialized healthcare is bad, y’all.” No one’s unplugging your grandmother, shithead. They’re more likely to do that to her no insurance ass at the hospitals we have now.

Obama is not Hitler, you back-birth. In fact, let’s go on the record saying that no one is fucking Hitler except motherfucking Hitler, and he’s fucking dead, so even he isn’t. But you might be a Nazi. Here’s how: Germany was riled into a fervor of anti-semitism and global imperialism only after being riled into a fervor of patriotism and anti-Poland rhetoric by a False Flag operation — basically, Hitler attacked one of his own, German targets, and made it look like Poland did it, so he could anger the people and make them okay with anything he did. Namely, eventually, invading fucking Poland. Sound familiar? I am not saying 9/11 was False Flag (although I may have just implied it), but with or without it being staged (and it would be pretty fucking retarded to stage that attack to warrant us attacking Iraq, I mean, why not just fill the plain with Iraqis?) it was used to get us into a Patriotic, blind fury that was utilized to invade a country not responsible for the attack at all. Now go fuck yourself.

Welcome to Chapel Perilous, you pieces of shit. I hope we all die in a car fire.