Waking the Dragon

So it’s been a little bit since I had a real post. And it will be even longer than that.

Just to recap: the movie, “As Good as Dead or: I Was a Teenage Prom Queen!” has gotten into Dragon*Con’s 2010 film festival. This is exciting news for several reasons, the chief of which is that this has been my goal from the film’s inception.
Shortly before Katrina, I came up with the germ of the idea for this movie before a Brown show, back when it was still at True Brew Downtown. It was a simple idea: there are never pretty zombies. Not necessarily unscathed, just attractive. From there, a title and a quote immediately popped into my head: “Attack of the Killer Prom Queens” and “Is it still necrophilia if they can move?” Of that idea, two things survived into the final product, that of the latter bit of dialogue and the idea that geeks would be the only ones left to stop the zombies.
Ironically, I had not seen Shaun of the Dead yet, though I had seen Spaced–Pegg, Frost, and Wright’s BBC series that led to Shaun and Hot Fuzz–Clerks, Pulp Fiction, and a shitton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all of which informed the writing of the movie. After Katrina, recently dumped and finding myself living with a much earlier ex-girlfriend in Denver, with no job and nothing to do all day, I wrote until it was done.
The next year, I went to Dragon*Con for the first time. For those not in the know, Dragon*Con (which btw is a bitch to write with that asterisk every time, but I’m obviously OCD about words) is the largest mixed science fiction and fantasy convention in the country. San Diego ComicCon is the largest convention of any type, but technically is supposed to be about comic books (although it is now more a Hollywood event and a bit of a catch-all itself). Dragon*Con is intentionally a mix of comics, anime/manga, science fiction and fantasy television, movies, etc., and it has yet to be invaded by Hollywood producers. Most of the TV and movies promoted there are not popular or already cancelled/bombs in the eyes of the public. But for the attendees, these are fandoms that are very close to their hearts — little clubs that are usually just them and a few friends, and combined with the little clubs of others, a sort of cross-country family occurs. You know you’ll probably like somebody if they love the same stuff as you. You know you probably don’t want to talk to someone who doesn’t like Firefly. I knew at once that with a script like mine, if I ever made it, I wanted it played there, and played there specifically. A Manga/Anime con would get the anime joke and the video game jokes, but get most of the others through periphery. A comic book con would get most of the tone but miss a lot of references. A mixed con on this scale would have someone laughing at every point. And geeks get so little respect and attention, we love things that pander to us in the slightest way. My script went out of its way to not just bring up the things we love, but respect my characters. Just because they’re weird does not mean they’re inhuman. Just because they’re caricatures does not mean they’re stereotypes.
I ran into the right people, made the right friends, and with their help, we started making a movie I had never intended to make myself. I thought, “Maybe I could sell it. I’d still like it to go to Dragon*Con.” Since I was 8 or 9, I had wanted to be a film director/writer, but I had let the director part lapse over the years, and had to find my eyes again over the course of the year or so we filmed it. We had no money and at times I went to sleep and dreamed about the film. It consumed my life. I’ve held very little real jobs during the process, and was a bit of a burden on my friends. But I always was that. Now I was doing something they believed in, something we all believed may be our ticket to the lives we want, or at least slightly cooler ones.
Now we’re in the festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. I sent off the DVD today, and I’m working on making the one that will be for sale, as well as a Blu-ray edition. Life is getting stranger and cooler by the second. I’m trying not to wait for the other shoe to drop and just enjoy the ride.


Motherfucking principle photography is done on the movie. Time to write a short story and win a keg of Guiness.

The film, sometimes known over the past year as Prompocalypse! or I Was a Teen-age Prom Queen!!, will henceforth be known as Good as Dead. The other titles will remain parentheticals, as in (or: Promageddon), and as side jokes, but the new title is a marketing decision. Not only do I just plain like it for it’s simple and direct nature, movies with Dead in the title, apart from Better Off Dead, are zombie films, e.g. zombie fans will know it’s a zombie movie. Plus, it reminds me of Better Off Dead, which I would also like the fans of to come to the movie. Prompocalypse required fake spelling lessons and I Was a Teenage Prom Queen required explanation to people who are not into the “I Was a Teen-age” genre. The new title is memorable and makes sense. I wanted the “as”in “As Good as Dead,” but there is another movie coming out with that title.
We still have a couple of pick-up shots–mostly zombie inserts, a hand here, a hand there. Desmond will also be working on comic book art that I will be splicing in with the rest of the footage. Coupled with my new film decay software, everything is getting increasingly awesome. More updates as I finish doing shit.

new cheese

So, Westerworld is an alternate world in an independently published children’s series, and out of respect for the author (not fear of legal ramification), I’m changing the name to Underland, an Underworld/Wonderland pun.

It’s coming along nicely, if slowly. Two Rabbits and Allison are great foils for one another, and I’ve come up with some Gaimanish ideas already. Law of Ironies is an immeasurable source of material.

“I Was a Teen-age Prom Queen!” RealmsCon rough cut is online on Veoh.com on my Channel 23. It got a very good reaction at the Con, according to Matt and Des.

Suicide Solstice (or how I learned to stop loving myself and worry about the bomb)

It’s The Teen Age Waste Land, it’s pretty much finished. It’ll be here, and on Amazon.com when I’m done proofreading it. The same goes for The Divine Apathy.

Production on I Was a Teenage Prom Queen! (or: The Girl Who Ate Prom!) begins in the end of January. I’m dotting my fingers and crossing my eyes that the people I have surrounded myself with on this project are reliable and that I can get this done in a quick manner, in time for the next festival circuit.

I love you all, and remember, suicide rates are highest during the holiday season, but that’s because this is solstice, and you want to die and rise again three days later, like the sun does from the 23rd-25th or so, so just ignore those pesky messianic thoughts. You’re not that important.

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