Updates, Whining, the Usual — but different!

Spent the last week or so since having the sex being in a strange new state of being. I am more confident, more sexually relaxed (which apparently includes spontaneous outbursts of sexual humor–I think I had forgotten that part), yet also more lazy and more selfish without being self-centered. Allow me to explicate.

I have spent the past week 1) watching seasons 1 & 2 of Veronica Mars, 2) restarting and finishing season 1 of The Wire, 3) Occasionally watching my True Blood DVDs, 4) even more occasionally writing random things. I am feeling the job itch as well as the sex itch more than I have in years, yet am content to do nothing to scratch them, apparently. Basically, it’s like being stoned.
Speaking of what I’m writing, they are as follows: fleshing out Paved Paradise, my Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan/Wizard of Oz/Pop culture thing *formerly titled Underland*; writing a commercial for BSI Comics called BSI: Miami where I have a lot of fun mocking the Carusobot and his Sunglasses of Justice; trying and failing to finish the script for MegaCrusher; but mostly, a rewrite of The Divine Apathy.
I am rewriting that book because I have decided to give up on the original as far as getting it actually published. It’s a very beautiful train wreck that taught me how to write in many ways, but I just don’t see it ever being in a book store. Rather than do what I usually do, where I go through the book and tinker with it and try to bring it up to my current standards, I am almost abandoning it altogether and starting from scratch, writing the story I would write now and leaving everything else as a sacrifice to my Muse. I have two excuses for even bothering. The first is that I really like the subject matter and the message of that book, and I’d like it to be out there and I’d like to have something to do with that message being out there. I still haven’t read or seen anything approaching the way I was going about it. The second is that I’ve recently been flooded with ideas of what I would do differently now, ideas that pertain only to that book and how much better it would be if it contained this or that or went left instead of right here or there. The ideas are good, what was holding them back was the original material.
Cecil has gone from being a simple detective who stumbles onto Jacob and his band of revolutionaries to an extremely lonely, somewhat pathetic man with no past and no connection to the world he lives in, who keeps ghosts as his only company. These ghosts are slowly introducing him to art and music, which do not exist in this future.
Jacob is no longer a clone of a fictional scientist from the near future, leading a rebel faction. He is now Coil, a Gibsonian cyberpunk courier cloned with genes culled from samples of Nikola Tesla. In fact, everyone in the future is a clone of someone from history considered “great.” If any of my reader has a suggestion as to other superawesome historical people to turn into cyberpunk characters, please leave a comment.
Zillah is no longer just one of the revolutionaries, she is now taking the place of the head of the technopirates as Air — a clone of Amelia Earhart. Her sidekick or Chewie is Topper, a great big fooker who is made of Abe Lincoln genes. The catch is that other than the physical, are they these people? I am going to offer that they are because
Penance, Purgatory to you, is losing souls rapidly, coinciding with the cloning. The Great Machine which is being used to make the clones is a prehistoric device, and its CPU is my lead female, an android created by the machine as its robot messiah. Astor. Formerly Astorel in the prior book, she was an android created by the angels. This is much better.
Anyway, maybe I’m sinking into my little fantasy worlds to avoid dealing with how Alison not being here is fucking with me and the only other girl I like (who I like a fuckton) is the #1 crush of a good friend of mine as well. Maybe I don’t want to think about how the only thing truly good that’s happened to me could basically be a pity fuck or worse, something that mattered and potentially damaged a valuable relationship. Maybe I want to pretend I’m a good writer and somehow that’s going to free me from my bondage if I’m just patient. Maybe I’m right.
Oh, score for the movie should be done inside a month, and we’re going to do the ADR at Derek’s probably, usually after 5pm starting soon. He’s got a mic and a Mac and a drive. Just hope it’s the right kind.
All in all though, I think I’m happy. There was a darkness behind all my thoughts that’s lifted, and I’m a little awkward right now from the lack of it, but I’m getting better. Or, from the looks of this post, a little crazier.

Actual Updates (for absolutely no one)

I am about 7,000 words from a 1st draft of Underland or Westerworld or whatever it’s going to be called. Considering I began it sometime late October, to be at 43,000 words right now is nothing to sneeze at. Rewriting will possibly be more of a chore, but maybe not — as I told Alex recently, those of us who have the rare blessing of being instinctively good at a subject (English, for example) tend to do better under deadline and with little time. We seem to revise the good out of things any other way.

I already finished a 1st draft of the screenplay to New Year’s Bleed, a slasher comedy to be directed by my friend/producer Matt Garvin. It was a little short but I think it will end up filling out more time than it seems.
Teen Age Waste Land is still in a revisionary period as I re-order the chapters and decide what to do with the vast lump of it I relatively despise.
All of a sudden this blog looks like shit, cuz, I dunno, blogger farted and now the background is above the words and nothing works right on it. I had nothing to do with this, it must have been something done to Blogger during the night.
Palace 20 has added an IMAX theater, which means Watchmen will be screening in IMAX and I couldn’t be more fucking excited if I were on fire.
My Bloody Valentine 3-D was fucking awesome. Once again, don’t go if you didn’t go slack-jawed at the idea of a totally 80s style slasher in 3-D, because you will come back with very obvious comments about how the movie “sucked” and the acting was “horrendous” or the plot was “ghostly” in that it was see-through and at times you weren’t sure it was there. Of course all those things are true. If, knowing all that, and that it’s in 3-D, you still didn’t want to go see it, then the movie just isn’t for you. In fact, if you heard the tagline, “Nothing says ‘date movie’ like a 3-D ride to hell!” and didn’t both know what kind of movie you were in for and squee with excitement, then your thumb is nowhere near the pulse of the Western zeitgeist right now. You have approximately three years (if that) before you are calling the new music “the kids” are listening to “just noise.”

new cheese

So, Westerworld is an alternate world in an independently published children’s series, and out of respect for the author (not fear of legal ramification), I’m changing the name to Underland, an Underworld/Wonderland pun.

It’s coming along nicely, if slowly. Two Rabbits and Allison are great foils for one another, and I’ve come up with some Gaimanish ideas already. Law of Ironies is an immeasurable source of material.

“I Was a Teen-age Prom Queen!” RealmsCon rough cut is online on Veoh.com on my Channel 23. It got a very good reaction at the Con, according to Matt and Des.


So, I’ve hit an eventual plateau in my writing career: I’m trying to write my own Alice in Wonderland. Or, more accurately, Alice in Oz on robot steroids and none too happy about this whole Wicked Red Witch Queen of the West deal, plus the Tin Woodman is an android and everything’s a song reference like the Scarecrow’s name is Iggy Stardust and Alice is Allison actually, after the Pixies song. Also there’s an Aztec god named Two Rabbits, sun gods, and a Law of Ironies that allows for things like the Nagasaki bomb killing the dinosaurs. And, as always, astrology and the Tarot, my go to occult reference charts for archetypes. The name came to me in a dream where I found my book, already written by someone else, and it was called Westerworld. I looked for a really long time and found a western clothes store in Oklahoma with the name, so I think I’m in the clear.

Meanwhile, nearing an end to filming of Prompocalypse, and writing issue #1 of Border City. I just finished copyediting Divine Apathy, and hopefully Alex will be done giving me notes on Teen Age Waste Land shortly. It would be really awesome to have all of that stuff done for RealmsCon in September.

Anyway, it’s real late and I should get to bed, though I had a late cup of coffee that’s probably gonna keep me up anyway.